Comino Island - Places of Interest

Comino, Where To Go - What To See

The Blue Lagoon

Between Comino and adjacent islet of Cominotto (Maltese: Kemmunett) lie the transparent, cyan waters of the Blue Lagoon (Maltese: Bejn il-Kmiemen, literally "Between the Cominos"). The Blue Lagoon with its crystal clear turquoise water, compared with bounty paradises in the tropics. The Blue Lagoon was formed by a channel that separates sun-baked and barren Comino from the islet of Cominotto.Frequented by large numbers of tourists and tour boats daily, the Blue Lagoon is a much photographed, picturesque bay, with a brilliant white, sandy base, and a rich marine life that make it popular with divers, snorkelers and swimmers. Other beaches on Comino include St. Mary Bay (Maltese: Ramla ta' Santa Marija) and St. Nicholas Bay (Maltese: Bajja San Niklaw). It is essential to bring protective sun creams and clothing, when visiting the island, as shelter is limited.

St. Mary's Tower

St. Mary's Tower (the white tower) which underwent extensive restoration between 2002 and 2004. The impressive tower of St. Mary's is a notable structure on Comino Island and provides a destination for tourists taking walks around the Island.

St.Maria Chapel

St. Maria Chapel is a tiny Roman Catholic chapel dedicated to the Sacred Family Upon its Return from Egypt is located above Santa Marija Bay. Built in 1618, and enlarged in 1667 and again in 1716, the Chapel was originally dedicated to the Annunciation. It has been desecrated and reconsecrated at least once in its history, when Comino was devoid of residents. The earliest record of a chapel on this site dates back to the 12th century, and can be seen in a navigational map of the period, located in the National Maritime Museum and Royal Observatory in Greenwich, London. Mass is celebrated in the chapel on Saturday nights and Sunday mornings for the residents, hotel staff and tourists. The interior of St.Maria Chapel offers an overwhelming aura of silence and reprieve from the summer heat.

St. Mary's Battery

St. Mary's Battery, built in 1716, is situated facing the South Comino Channel. It is a semi-circular structure with a number of embrasures facing the sea. The Battery still houses two 24-pound iron cannons, and remains in a fair state of preservation mainly due to its remote location. Its armament originally included four 6-pound iron cannons.

Comino Hotel

Comino Hotel, with its two private beaches, a 1960s development, is located above San Niklaw Bay. There are also holiday bungalows by Santa Marija Bay.

Police Station

There is a police station located on Comino between the holiday bungalows and the chapel.